Our Services

At Berkshire Farriers, we are ideally equipped to cater for a range of horse care disciplines. Our uniquely trained staff deliver professional equine podiatry services throughout Newbury and the surrounding areas.

Summary of Our Services:


  • Reliable attendance at your premises, at the precise time arranged with you.
  • Regular trimming or shoeing, at intervals that suit your needs.
  • Specialist remedial farriery.
  • Multiple farriers able to cater for the needs of large, professional or pleasure, yards efficiently.
  • Single horses and private owners.
  • Slow motion gait analysis.
  • Expert care alongside veterinary practices.
Racing Stables

With consistent care and attention, racehorses can look and perform their best. We provide a daily racing stables service that ensures horses are cared for before the first lot, during evening stables, and at weekends through our out of hours call out service. Yards can also be supervised and checked by an expert farrier manager on a weekly basis.


Think of us as your personal stable staff.

Stud Farms

From birth to adulthood, studs need to be handled delicately. They need to be monitored, checked and corrected and regularly. At Berkshire Farriers, we understand the importance of rearing high-quality studs to achieve a high success at the Racecourse or the sales.


Our specialised stud farm services ensure that such things as angular limb deformities in young stock are corrected as early as possible; that mares achieve the maximum breeding career, and that the health of all the animals is kept optimal.


Your studs will be healthy and sound with us.

Foal Correction

A key deciding factor in the success of a foal as a mature athlete or a sales yearling is the management of its feet and limbs during the first six months of its life. Throughout this time a good working relationship with a farrier is essential.


We will work with you to identify, correct, and manage your foal’s feet and limbs to ensure proper conformation into adult life.

Private Shoeing

You don’t have to be in the horse racing or selling business to benefit from our help: We also work with private individuals. Private services include the use of hot and cold shoeing as well as specialist remedial work.


In addition, we accept referrals and insurance cases from veterinary practices.

Gait Analysis

All horses can benefit from gait analysis, but it can be particularly useful for performance horses and those with low-grade lameness. The detailed analysis often highlights important areas for improvement – areas that could prevent competing at a higher level.


Based on the aspect that is to be analysed we can set up a scenario and take video footage. The footage is then loaded onto a computer software analyser. The result? Key data that might not have been spotted with the naked eye and suggestions for correction.

Specialist Laminitis Treatment

Laminitis is one of the most alarming ailments that can afflict a horse. It is disturbingly painful and often damaging to the animal’s long-term soundness. Once laminitis sets in, stopping the cascade of metabolic events can be challenging.


However, we have several laminitis treatment specialists on hand to spot, treat, and manage this devastating medical crisis. We can help to alleviate months, or even years of grief for the horse and you.