CS 1Nov 2016

This week’s Case Study – Seedy Toe

This competition horse was presented at a local Veterinary Clinic with an undermined hoof wall revealing Onychomycosis.    Onychomycosis is commonly known as “Seedy Toe”. Seedy toe is a separation of the horse’s hoof wall from the underlying sensitive laminae at the white line, resulting in a cavity which is prone to anaerobic associated infection, also known as White Line Disease (WLD).  In this instance the infection was removed and medicated.  Berkshire Farriers treated the horse by applying a heart bar shoe with a thermo plastic pad with dental impression material on their first visit, 2nd subsequent visit the task of rebuilding the lateral wall to give stability to the hoof.  The heart bar shoe was refitted with Equi-Pak to give further support.  The horse is doing well and making a good recovery.


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